Rick Stein’s Fish Restaurant, Falmouth

After receiving an invitation during the Fal River Festival to visit Rick Stein’s Fish restaurant in Falmouth, I did consider going on my own as Jonny won’t eat seafood (silly boy!). Honestly, I was dreading sitting opposite him with his nose twitching and being unable to order anything other than chips.

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth

However, I am so l glad I dragged him along as, in his own words on Facebook “the restaurant was spot on. Sparkly clean, no smells of fish, very good service n very good food. Also you can get a three course meal from £20. Considering how good the food was I think that’s very good value…”

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth

So there you have it Mr Stein. We all knew I was going to love your menu, but to get the approval of Jonny? Priceless :)Rick Stein Fish, FalmouthWhilst he may have been impressed I still couldn’t get him to try any seafood, so luckily the one ‘fish free’ starter and main on the menu was enough to keep him very happy.

His starter (below left) was a Salad of Lancashire Cheese with Pancetta with Balsamic Vinegar and Chilli Beetroot. Rick Stein Fish, FalmouthI ordered the Amritsari Fish – Fried Sea Bream in Chickpea Batter, Garlic & Ginger and Sprinkled with Chat Masala. It was incredible. Moist flaky fish, yummy batter that I’m going to have to try to perfect at home, and a marinated salad that left my mouth singing with the light fragrant spices.

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth

And then we come to the mains. I’ll just give you a moment to take in what was on my ‘Hot Shellfish’ platter.

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth

To find crab, oysters, razor clams, scallops and mussels on one plate together was like my dream come true, and I swear I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time that plate was in front of me :) Underneath all that juicy shellfish was a simple liquor that quickly got sopped up with some fresh bread.

Jonny ordered the Feta Tart with Caramelised onions, Oven Roast Tomatoes and Basil. He loved it.

Rick Stein Fish, Falmouth

After a little break we both indulged in dessert, Jonny plumping for the Sunken Chocolate Cake & I had a trio of (dairy free) Sorbets.

Rick Stein Fish, FalmouthThe location of Fish is stunning, overlooking the National Maritime Museum and harbour beyond. The staff are helpful and know their menu well, and my dratted dairy intolerance was handled with no fuss or bother and substitutions made to my order as necessary.

I’ve never been to a restaurant that focused so keenly on fish before and I love the ingenuity that that focus brings to the menu. Watching the other diners food come out of the kitchen showed a variety of cooking styles and flavours, and it certainly made me want to visit the fishmongers soon and get cooking!

Rick Stein Fish, FalmouthHuge thanks to the Rick Stein team for inviting Jonny & I to enjoy their restaurant. As always, all views are my own.

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  1. Mike,aka midas. says

    Lu7cky you,Yor choice would certainly of been mine too.WoWW!
    Poor johnny,n all that “Rabbit Food” n I thought it was you who used to be the “Veggie”lol.
    Well guess youll never have to share,so all for you n me,.lol.

  2. says

    How wonderful. I went to Rick Steins in Padstow last year and fell in love. Great food, fabulous service and a fish restaurant that handled my shellfish allergy easily. Your platter looks amazing, if only! I want a local Rick Steins!!
    Glamorous Glutton recently posted..Rio Street FoodMy Profile

  3. Jonny says

    I wasn’t really looking forward to eating in a fish restaurant, but i really enjoyed it. I do not like the smell of fish but there were no fishy smells in the restaurant. The whole place was sparkly clean and fresh.Jane was in her element so that was nice, and the non fishy food I ate was excellent. Special mention to the tomatos I had because although I am not the biggest fan of the tomato, these were the best part of my meal. They had been pre cooked but i do not know what else they did but I loved them.
    Loved the food there n happy to go back :0)

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