Those Noisy Neighbours :)

The little caravan is fast turning into my little summer house. I’m down there every night after work. There’s no computer or internet, just some board games, cards and a pile of magazines.


Whenever I walk down through the orchard to get to the van, the cows come charging over the field to see what I’m up too.


This one is the most inquisitive of the herd and has such a sweet face.

Cow & Blossom

Happy days :)

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Happy Bank Holiday!

Our Bank Holiday weekend has been perfect!

Caravan by the duck pond

With finances being a little tighter than normal, we decided to avoid driving anywhere and took the van down to the duck pond instead!


No getting stuck in traffic, or having to pay camping fees. No noisy neighbours (apart from the cows) and the cat got to come too!


There aren’t many camp sites that can offer that view. Drinking morning tea watching Herons, Moorhens, Mallards and of course my Muscovies.


I’m in work tomorrow, but I’ll be straight down again when I get home.

Being on holiday, at home. Lovely!

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The Cornwall RV 2012

What a brilliant weekend it was, maybe the best yet…?

Cornwall RV

The RV started back in 2007 with just a handful of us, and this year there was roughly 200.


It’s run by¬†Footsteps of Discovery, a local woodland based school of survival and bushcraft.

Dave Budd Blacksmith

There are several workshops through out the weekend, including basketry, wild medicine & food walks, wood carving, leather craft, knot tying etc.

Richard the Knot Man

Jonny had his Pole Lathe set up and was giving demo’s.

Jonny on the Pole Lathe

The beer tent was pretty popular :)

The Beer Tent

KP, one of the instructors, cooked up a deer on an Argentinian style spit. The meat was deliciously crisp on the outside, whilst tender and juicy inside. Delicious.

Deer on a Spit

Most people sleep in hammocks or tents dotted round the 100 acres of woodland.

Campfire Cooking

Obviously I don’t need much of an excuse to drag out my little vintage caravan!

My Little Caravan

Ain’t she purty…? A couple of night were really chilly with a mean wind, and to retreat to the caravan and stick the gas fire on for half an hour was just bliss!

Inside the Caravan

So, that’s it for another year. Sigh.

If you fancy tagging along next Easter, pop over to the Footsteps website to find out more… See ya there!

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First Adventure in the Vintage Caravan…

I was kinda fed up with the van being in a dark n dingy shed so last night I asked Jonny to tow it out. Seeing as we’re both working today we couldn’t exactly go far so he took it down to the duck pond!

Through the allotments…


Down the field…


Into the poultry field…


Who needs to go away when you’ve got this amazing campsite all to yourself…


The chickens were initially intrigued until they realised there was no food in it for them.


The ducks were a little more interested.


At least they were until the cat turned up.


The cat and I spent the night down there and then this morning as I climbed the hill to shower, breakfast and work the sun was just coming up. Heavenly.

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