A new start, bringing permaculture into play.

A couple of weeks ago I looked at my chooks in shame.

They are living in the barn that housed our pigs all summer. The barn has no guttering, and the ground wasn’t rested before the hens moved back in. A sloppy mud lake now separates it, and the nearest blade of grass. The mud has even taken on a toxic looking green hue with all the rain we’ve been having of late.

Chickens in Mud


I realised that I either have to give them up or make the area in which they, the pigs and the ducks live, a healthy, productive piece of land, once and for all. If I can also bring in plants that will lower my feed bill too, then even better!

So. Here we are. Starting from scratch to redesign the whole area Jon & I have commandeered, to make it a pleasure to work in and a clean, happy and healthy home for our critters.

Chickens in Mud


Planning to change a system that doesn’t work, has forced us to look at the whole system and restructure more than just the symptom (ie the mud).

With this in mind, we are planning our little patch, based on the permaculture system of growing food, rearing animals, and returning the soil to a diverse mass of mutually beneficial plants, bugs and bacteria.

I am SO excited already!

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